....the super official (and super low tech) home page of Greg Cannon.



Hello World! I'm an IT pro and general tech geek from Philadelphia. If I'm not working or playing Call of Duty, you might find me hiking, reading 2600 Magazine, or staring at the Ruby book on my bookshelf as I swear to one day pick it up and get back to coding.

I've worked on a few things on the Interwebz over the years, with the most notable being an early web portal called (I no longer own the domain) and produced a short lived web show called GamePwned.TV. Feel free to check out old GamePwned episodes on YouTube if you want a laugh. It wasn't that good of a show, but my niece and I had a blast making it!

I also had a super short stint as a wannabe pro gamer. That "dream" ended when a so-so pro player beat me 30-0 in not one but two UT 2004 matches. After that I decided to stick to pwning n00bs.